Time of Happy


Eleana continues her quest in songs and words slowly trying to find her way back to dance.  ‘Back’, not as an act of returning, but as an act of slowing down, of redefining and getting in touch with the natural state.  ‘Dance’, not as a combination of pre-decided movements, but a state of joy, of grounding and embodiment of the self as the self is.

Her new work has the form of a concert and she is making it in close collaboration with Panos Bartzis and Eva Korae.



Written and performed by Eleana Alexandrou

Sound designed and performed by Panos Bartzis

Advisor/Devil’s advocate: Eva Korae

Collaborators: Arianna Marcoulides, Dimitris Chimonas

Photo Credit: Pavlos Vrionides & Mikaella Alexandrou

Premiered at the Open House Festival 2017 and presented at Theatro Apothikes THOC as part of the dubitanda programme directed by Stephanos Droussiotis.