The Nature of the Beast


The Nature of the Beast looks at the animalistic and instinctive side of humanity. Our need to survive every day and how we do it in relation to living in close proximity with other humans can bring out our animalistic/beastial side.  

Have we truly changed from our basic animal behaviours? Do we deny ourselves that part of our nature? 

How have we really changed as a species from when we first broke off and evolved into homo sapiens?  

Do we believe that culture is what makes us different from other animals? 


The piece deals with what makes us human, where we came from, where we are going and what we are doing right now. 


There is no destination; just a constant evolution. 


Perfomer: Arianna Marcoulides 

Concept/Concept Development: Arianna Marcoulides, Panos Bartzis 

Sound Design: Panos Bartzis 

Light Design: Aleksandar Jotovic 

Photo Credit: Vasilis Doritis