T.C (Take Care) 


A handcraft inspired solo dance performance  

Created & performed by Arianna Marcoulides


Dear All, 

I have made something for you.  

This performance is from me to you!  

I like making things with my hands, feeling the textiles, the threads as well as losing myself in the repetitive and rhythmic motion of the craft. When I keep the person, I am making something for in mind, it makes me feel that they are close to me and I to them.  

My mother taught me many of these handcrafting skills, which she learned from her mother and in turn her mother learned from her mother and her mother and her mother, mother, mother, mother. And so, it goes…all the women behind me and all the women before me showing their love. 

This is how I know to show my love, to make, to mend, to knit, to care and to take time doing so. 

This performance is dedicated to all the women who made me who I am today. Those who have passed and those not yet born. 

You will find me at Ismet Pasa Street opposite the Fountain of the Good Samaritan. I will be in the small tailor’s shop. There are moments where we are going to be close, very close. It is a tiny space. I do not want to give too much away, but be prepared for some quiet, some intimately quiet and close moments. 

I will be reminiscing about these learned skills and who taught them to me. “I will be processing and transmitting these feelings through movement and song and interactions with you. By sharing all of this I can only hope that I will be handing over this knowledge and love through the strongest voice I have, my body, my moving body.”

Hope to see you there and maybe I will hear about the ways you learned to love too. 

T.C. (Take Care) 


T.C. is a handcraft inspired dance performance created by Arianna Marcoulides. The initial research was made during Lia Haraki’s workshop ‘Performing Biographies’ that was held in June 2023 and performed at the Rialto theatre. This research material was also invited to the OnBodies:Satellite Festival in September 2023, organised by Dancehouse Lefkosia, as well as at Xarkis Festival in October 2023.  

Many thanks to Lia for the support in my idea from the very beginning and to K. Michalis for welcoming us into his space to present the work. 

Funded under the Terpsichore programme  

Main sponsor: Deputy Ministry of Culture – Department of Contemporary Culture 

Dates & times:

31/05 – 20:30 

01/06 – 20:30 

02/06 – 20:30 

07/06 – 20:30 

08/06 – 20:30 

09/06 – 18:00 & 20:30 

Free entry – Reservation necessary – Tel: 99414842

Performance location:

4 Ismet Pasha str. Opposite Fountain of Good Samaritan


Performer/Costume: Arianna Marcoulides

Sound Design: Panos Bartzis 

Dramaturgy: Elena Agathokleous

Light Design: Karolina Spyrou

Visual Artist/Advisor: Ria Alexandrou

Production: Constantina Peter