Sto ‘Skarpariko’ (Στο Σκαρπάρικο)


Grandfather Styllis' ‘skarpariko’, a space to produce shoes and other products enough to finance his son’s medicine studies, is used as a warehouse today.

From 1930 to 1990, the ‘skarparis’ (shoe maker) was working and delivering shoes with his donkey between Sylikou and St. George, St. Therapon until Doros.  Someone else would go to Lofou.

His son probably preferred to become some sort of maker, but Koilani was famous for its young lawyers, teachers and doctors. With a university degree. The sisters did not study.  The son grew up, got married, had two daughters - one is now a maker. With a university degree.

In an attempt to bring back the lost memory and to discover the next generation's path, we will re-open the doors and windows of the 'skarpariko', we will empty it, clear it, find the lost functions and the 'production line' to give and receive breath…

With the whole process exposed, a durational performance is proposed on Saturday Aug 18th, from noon to 7 p.m.


Photo credit: Emma Louise Charalambous, Kyriacos Droyssiotis and Olympia Stavrou