Moving the New Residency at the Dance House Lemesos

April - December 2018

When I first applied for the Residency programme of the Dance House Lemesos, I was asked to share one sentence that described my state at the time.  The sentence was:

‘I’m a dancer who hasn’t danced for a long time and seeks a new dance within.’

Some days I found it, others I was full of guilt looking for it.  I wondered if making dance performances is a luxury or a need.  If they are relevant today or if they are part of a high art culture existing in a different world than mine.

 My body was seeking dance and during the last months I gave it the chance to find it.  However, can this dance engage a spectator?

I entered the residency with one task at hand, to dance, to really dance.  During the later stages of the residency I began to look for circumstances where the spectator would feel generously invited to watch dance - my dance.

During the final stages, I also began to read, to think, to recognise the space for these type of artistic ventures today and the discussion already proposed from colleagues.

I finished the residency with these questions:

What does it mean to watch a dancer today?

In an invitation to spend time, is dance necessary?



Photographs by Pavlos Vrionides