Public installation as part of the Nea Kinisi Dance Festival


“Ripples” is an interactive installation designed with the purpose of engaging passers-by through animating still sculptures. “ZEBRA”, a plug-in for Rhino developed by the Cypriot company “Seamlexity”, is used to turn image stills into elements for laser cutting. The installation fabricated at the newly established Makers Will Make open design studios (Limassol) and will be assembled at the University Square by young design professional volunteers. July 2018



Michalis Georgiou, Odysseas Georgiou, Eva Korae, Christina Christoforou, Natalie Moiseenkova, Rasha Zeneddin, Panagiotis Hadjioannou, Stephani Milikouri, Costantina Yiannapi, Periklis Georgiou, Emilio Moraris and Maria Efthimiou


The project is supported by HUB Design Platform, Cyprus University of Technology (Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts) and University of Nicosia (School of Architecture).