PART 6: What does the tongue do?



PART 6: What does the tongue do? -a new performance work by Eleana Alexandrou- was created in the frame of the yard.residency.21 programme and in co-production with the Center of 

Performing Arts MITOS.  It will premiere in Limassol on the 19th of June with a total of six 



About the performance


How de we kiss? How much do we kiss? Who do we kiss? The work deals with the act of kissing, a precious moment between two people where the personal space merges and speech stops.  


The kiss as a point of conquest, as a goal, as a point of connection between two people. The meeting place of a kiss is also considered as a metaphor for how one person interacts with or perceives another person. How, through talking about kissing, questions may arise that have to do with our perception of the other, the way we accept or reject.


On stage we find two performers, Arianna Marcoulides and Eleana Alexandrou, who begin a lecture on kissing in which personal thoughts, stories, discrimination, satire and vivid three-dimensional form unfold through the two bodies and the stage design curated by Eva Korae.  The texts are original using the English, Greek and Cypriot colloquial language and the lighting is curated by Kyriaki Paphitou.



Direction/Text: Eleana Alexandrou

Choreography/Performance: Arianna Marcoulides, Eleana Alexandrou

Scenography: Eva Korae | Makers Will make

Light design: Kyriaki Paphitou

Advisor: Elena Agathokleous

Production: bytheway productions

Co-production: Center of Performing Arts MITOS in the frame of the programme yard.residency.21


22, 23, 24, 25 June - 20:00 | 26 June - two performances - 17:00 & 20:00

Old Vinegar Factory, Limassol

Entrance €10 / €7 for students

Reservations: 99491246 or through a message to bytheway productions page on Facebook


Supporters: Makers Will Make, Cyprus University of Technology - Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts