Part 3 - How to enter a kiss


I want to kiss happily ever after but ‘salivafalls’ and opinionated tongues leave me with no space to dance; no room to bloom with confidence.

When a kiss happens, there’s no space for words anymore.  This is my summary of Luce Irigaray‘s final chapter in her book This sex which is not one.  ‘Part 3: How to enter a kiss’ is a performance work that negotiates what we know about kissing and provides space to think of and imagine an encounter with another.

How to care about kissing?

How to care?

How to kiss there?



by Eleana Alexandrou

with performers Anne-May de Lijser, Claudio Ritfeld, Setareh Fatehi

with visual artist Eva Korae

advised by Joachim Robbrecht, Andrea Božić

initial research with Gina Alina Patilea

big thank you to Harco Haagsma and Arie Bults

and with the contribution of Eva Susova, Ahmed El Gendy, Jorge Rodolfo de Hoyos, Ira Melkonyan, Noah Voelker, Abhishek Thapar, Marjolein Roeleveld, Reinier Schimmel, Laura Mentink

produced at Das Graduate School

Photo Credit: Thomas Lenden