LOITERING means to stand or wait somewhere without an obvious purpose. 

We are waiting for something to happen. 

We are waiting for something to change. 

All we do is walk in anticipation. 

The earth is about to explode. 

If we die tomorrow, we die. 

Someone please save us.


This is a piece about waiting. This is a piece about acting. This is a piece about time. This is a piece about the world. This is a piece about the state we are in today. This is a piece about us.

What are you going to do about it?



Conceived and choreographed by Arianna Marcoulides

Performers: Eleana Alexandrou, Arianna Marcoulides

Stage Design and Making*: Eva Korae

Sound Design: Panos Bartzis

Light Design: Evripides Dikaios

Poster Graphics: Nektaria Constantinou

Produced by bytheway productions


*The stage set was designed and constructed at Makers Will Make open access makerspace.  It was fabricated using contemporary laser cutting techniques.


Performances: 22, 23, 24, 25 November 2019

20:30  at the Old Vinegar Factory, Limassol


Main sponsor:

Cultural Services, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth


Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts, Cyprus University of Technology

Visual Sociology and Museum Studies Lab


Lofou Community Council