In Wonder(?)Land | Στη χώρα των θ_υμάτων

(a registered performance from an unregistered dancer)


“In Wonder(?) Land” | ‘Στη Χώρα των θ_υμάτων’ is a physical theatre performance, about Cyprus as a country, a society. It is a work about what can become a miracle but turns out to be a victim instead. This performance deals with the incongruities of the Cypriot society and the behaviour of the politicians.  The thirst for power, the political and social responsibilities are in consant conflict with the need of the typical citizen for survival.

The choreographer says about the performance:

«I am Eleana Alexandrou and I am deeply worried and concerned about the place where I have chosen to live (for now).  I want to speak with honesty.  I have created a satirical performance about Cyprus as a country, a society, a democracy.  A performance about nature, artists, artistic nature; about black people, gay people, the disabled, the fat, the short, the old; about parents and children, life and living things... I want to be the ruler of Cyprus.»



Idea / Development of Idea: Eleana Alexandrou / Eva Korae

Choreography / Performance: Eleana Alexandrou

Dramaturgy: Diomedes Koufteros

Set Design/Graphics: Eva Korae

Text: Eleana Alexandrou / Eva Korae

Lighting Design: Alexander Jotovic

Technical Support: Lukasz Walewski

Music Consultant: Panos Bartzis

Photographs: Mikaella Alexandrou