In a nutshell


A piece that came out of research on gender, identity and sexuality.  A work on the personal, a personal work, an attempt to embrace and expose thoughts and needs that a lot of us might potentially share.

‘In a  nutshell’ crafts text and language, breath and tongue.  A piece that deconstructs craft with sincerity and joy.  She shares, she’s intimate, she’s awkward and all-inviting.



Written and performed by Eleana Alexandrou / bytheway productions

Initial research done with Eva Korae

Light designed by Alexander Jotovic

Advisor: Sanne van Rijn

Mentor: Andrea Boziç

Photo Credit: Pavlos Vrionides

Big thank you to Elena Agathokleous and Eva Korae

Many thank you’s to DasArts staff and visitors of open studio sessions