If it were a cockroach we would desire it to stop thriving


A Cypriot, a Kenyan, a black man, a white woman, an animal, a ghost, an insect, love, impatience, waiting rooms, a thinker, a dreamer, a valley, a cave, an island, a question, an answer, labour, belief, doubts, yes, why, not, how, to be, truly, local, present. 

Feeling apart from the changing world, Ogutu and Eleana begun a process of reintegration, of supporting each other in translating change, asking uncomfortable questions.  They become allies in materialising ideas, embracing a multiplicity of selves, reconciling contradictions, thoughts, dreams, fears into poetry, into written and spoken forms. 

To imagine change as permanence creates in us a desire to find the language of transition, a poetic vernacular that blurs binaries. To transition one has to listen and attempt understanding.

Performed at the Sardam Festival 2017



Text and performance: Eleana Alexandrou & Ogutu Muraya

Visual artist: Eva Korae