Along the way...Forgotten 


There is a pinch at the waist. I feel the places that are too tight around the shoulders.  

Who am I? I turn my cuff. Am I the clothes I wear?  

Layer upon layer. The piece comes to terms with the artificial skin that has been placed upon the individual by society, circumstance, common knowledge, family, chance encounters. What has been covered will be uncovered. I am a piece in reverse. My journey backward....  revealing what has been buried, resolving what has been unresolved, awakening what has been put to sleep. Struggling to find what we are made of and dealing with scars that have been left along the way. Who are we now? What if the clothes I wear are not mine? Who am I then? 

Am I my bare body?  

The flesh, my eyes, the scars  



Performer: Arianna Marcoulides  

Dramaturg: Achim Wieland 

Sound Design: Panos Bartzis 

Costume: Christina Georgiou 

Lights: Achim Wieland 

Photo Credit: Vasilis Doritis