bytheway Productions is a non-profit performance, theatre, scenography, design and applied arts company.The team consists of three artists who, through each one’s approach, medium and aesthetics, support each other.  Whether they participate directly or indirectly in each other's work, there is a common ground and an exchange of views throughout the whole process and development of ideas. Their first collaboration brought with it a realisation of common goals, work ethic and needs.  It also revealed a mutual desire for constructive discussions and reflections on modes of artistic work.


To date, the team has more than 25 projects in its resumé and consists of Eleana Alexandrou, Eva Korae and Arianna Marcoulides.  It is active in the Cypriot artistic scene, with participation in performing arts festivals and residency programs in Cyprus and abroad.


The group started in 2010 with the project "About Side Walks", which attracted the attention of the public and the media with its poignant subject matter and humour. This video was presented at the International Documentary Festival 2010 and broadcast on Cyprus' state channel.


In 2018, bytheway acquired their own space in Limassol, where “Makers Will Make” Open Access Makerspace was created. The team conducts and hosts workshops, open discussions and partnerships with other non-profit organisations.  A cherished project was initiated in this space, bringing together a group of artists from the fields of visual arts, architecture, design and dance to create 'Ripples', an interactive 13m installation whichwas showcased at the 15th Summer Dance Festival in Limassol.


In June 2020, “Spirit”, a four hour durational performance directed by Eleana Alexandrou was broadcast live from Rialto Theatre. The creative process was conducted through computer screens, on balconies and verandas while in lockdown. It led to an art exhibition and screening titled: “SPIRIT in film, in object, in book”, thus showcasing the team’s interdisciplinarity and ability to maneuver themselves through difficult situations. This project was funded by “Terpsichore” a program supporting artistic research and production in dance


Arianna, Eleana and Eva are now concentrated on personal projects, but they come together when there is room for brave new discussions.