The work ‘10’’ was made for the Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform 2017 and was presented in March 2017.  The fact that I took part in the Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform was quite unexpected.  I’m not a ‘normal’ dancer (according to the festival’s standards).  As it was the first time I participated as a choreographer, I had ten minutes.  Ten minutes is all I had during the 20th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival as well.  I did my best to communicate, within this timeframe, my sense of alertness about the times we currently live in, as well as my need to enter into a dialogue with the organisers of institutions like the Platform but also other festivals of dance and choreography.  I have a lot of questions about my role as an artist and the role of art in general, especially the role of this ‘incomprehensible’ dance - as my dad likes to call it.



Choreography/Text: Eleana Alexandrou

Performers: Fotis Nikolaou, Eleana Alexandrou

Advisor: Eva Korae

Sound design and performance: Panos Bartzis

Light design: Alexander Jotovic

Photo Credit: Pavlos Vrionides