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22nd - 26th JUNE, 2021

'Part 6: What does the tongue do?' by Eleana Alexandrou | OLD VINEGAR FACTORY in LIMASSOL


A collaboration with Arianna Marcoulides.


How do we kiss? How much do we kiss? Who do we kiss?


The work deals with the act of kissing, a precious moment between two people where the personal space merges and speech stops. The kiss as an achievement, a moment of connection but also a potential act of discrimination and rejection.


Performances 22, 23, 24, 25 June 2021 at 20:00 | 26 June - two performances - 17:00 & 20:00

Old Vinegar Factory, Limassol

Info/Resrvations: 99491246


A project co-produced with the Center of Performing Arts MITOS part of the theYard.Residency.21 programme.

Autumn, 2021

SPIRIT - the film | A durational performance by Eleana Alexandrou | Eight hours in two days with four performers broadcasted live from Rialto Theatre in June 2020 is now re-surfacing with a film and a little book. A preview took place end of March for invited guests and an official premiere will be held in Limassol and Nicosia soon.

DATES to be announced.

"Often, I have questions about the very function of the art of dance in relation to the place and community I live in.  How does the viewer relate to a contemporary performance?  I seek communication pathways between the spectator and the work whose main ingredient is the experience of the body."

The performance is a dance marathon.  The goal is one: to keep dancing until the last minute.  The marathon will last four hours each day.

The audience has free access and may connect through their screens from a space of their choice with a coffee or a snack, for as long as they decide or come and go as they choose.

The condition is new and creates a number of challenges for everyone.  The rehearsals took place through screens in bedrooms or kitchens, where there was space for a body to move.  Due to the restrictive measures, SPIRIT will be released live on the internet.  What the viewer will see is not the documentation and presentation of a performance but a live durational work designed for the screen.

More about the work here