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bytheway productions is about three individual artists who through their own approach, medium and aesthetic, support each other. Whether we are involved directly or indirectly in each others’ work there is a common ground and exchange of feedback throughout the process and development of ideas. The desire to collaborate came up from the Airport Project – “Islanding” by Lia Haraki, which brought us together for the very first time. We found that we had a lot of things in common plus we got along like a house on fire. So what better fuel than to be  creative as well as constructive in our building of this unique and wonderful relationship.

bytheway began in 2010 with the movement video, ‘About SideWalks’, which caught the attention of the public with its poignant subject matter and humour. The next group collaboration was in 2011 with a music video that was made for a local up and coming band from Paphos called ‘Wanderlust’ with their piece ‘Drip Drop Down’.

The company officially formed in 2013 working on projects in the field of dance, physical theatre and applied arts.

The bytheway productions team:

Arianna, Eleana and Eva

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