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Oct 5 – 7, 2018
OPEN HOUSE FESTIVAL 2018 by Dance House Lemesos! Arianna and Eleana are part of this year’s festival with a total of 3 projects:

1. ‘Re:move’ by Eleana Alexandrou
‘I’m a dancer who hasn’t danced for a long time and seeks a new dance within.’

Some days I find it, others I am full of guilt looking for it. I wonder if making dance performances is a luxury or a need. If they are relevant today or if they are part of a high art culture existing in a different world than mine.

My body seeks dance and during the last months I gave it the chance to find it. However, can this dance engage a spectator? I would like to find circumstances where the spectator feels really invited to watch dance – my dance.

Eleana is part of this year’s resident artists at Dance House Lemesos. She is now presenting her process publicly for the second time as part of the Open House Festival programme. The presentations of all four resident artists will take place on Saturday, Oct 6th between 18:00 and 19:30 at the Limassol Municipal Arts Centre – Papadakis Warehouses.

For more information, click here.

2. ‘The Nature of the Beast’ by Arianna Marcoulides
Arianna Marcoulides and Panos Bartzis are exploring what it means to be a human.

The piece deals with what makes us human, where we came from, where we are going and what we are doing right now.

There is no destination just a constant evolution.

Arianna and Panos are concluding a long process that began with last year’s residency at the Dance House Lemesos. The performance will premiere at the Open House Festival on Sunday, Oct 7th at 21:00 at Technohoros ETHAL. For more information, click here.
You can also visit this blog and see their process from the beginning.

3. ‘Artist, Artist too’ by Eleana Alexandrou
Six people who are usually audience members jump on the other side and try themselves on stage as performers. The performance ‘Artist, Artist too’ activates individuals in a creative process of exploring and understanding performative tools and conditions.

In the studio together with choreographer Eleana Alexandrou, they engage in a thinking process around their role on stage, the status of performing arts, artistic ownership and skill.

Other collaborators include musician Marianna Michael, choreographer Petros Konnaris and lighting designer Aleksandar Jotovic. The performance will close the Open House Festival on Sunday, Oct 7th at 22:00 at Technohoros ETHAL. More information are available here.

Oct 17th to Nov 30th, 2018
Eva Korae participates at the Larnaca Biennale 2018! More information here.

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